OSM, Portugal

OSM, Portugal

Founded in 1988, OSM is a specialised company which manufacturers parts for pneumatic and hydraulic hammers.
Applying the most recent technology in precision equipment and high productivity we manufacture parts for all makes of pneumatic and hydraulic hammers, whether they are rock drills, breakers and pick-wedging hammers.
Throughout the years, the company has managed to give prompt assistance to the clients and provides a high quality after sales service. This has contributed to our being recognized for our high quality products, for our flexibility in adapting to our clients requirements and promotes on a day by day basis, the great difference that exists between OSM and its competitors.

Available Tools:
Spyder Bench - 3 x MP90 drills
Prime Bench - 2 x MP90 drills
Rock Splitter - MC8, MC15 and more

OSM Spyder
OSM Prime

Technical Specification of MP90 drills:
Weight: 35kg
Air Connection: 1”
Water Connection: 1/2’
Tool Chuck Size: 22 x 108
Piston Diameter: 90 mm
Impact Frequency P/min: 2000
Air Compression at 6 bar: 4.2 m3 p/m (147 cfm)
Speed of drilling: Per hammer 2.5 ft/min

The hammer is as fast as a hydraulic machine. Prime bench with 2 hammers each can drill 2.5ft/min. At a very economical investment, the speed of drilling is actually faster than that of a hydraulic driller.

OSM Hammers