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Toolgal, Israel

Toolgal Degania

For more than 50 years, Toolgal has been the global leader in manufacturing high-performance Diamond Tools. Our vertically integrated manufacturing operations, combined with our advanced design capabilities, yield innovative products of consistently high quality.

Toolgal’s products serve a variety of cutting, sawing, drilling and polishing applications for concrete, asphalt, granite and other natural or engineered stone, including quartzite. Our diamond and CBN grinding wheels are used by leading cutting tool manufacturers worldwide, and are ideal for applications in the metalworking and wood industries.

Toolgal’s Quality System assures consistent quality levels for all products and processes using strong controls and reducing dependence on human, equipment and materials variance factors.

Since 1968, Toolgal has been a market leader developing innovative and tailor made diamond tools for Industrial applications providing:

  • High performance cutting, drilling & polishing Diamond Tools and Segments for natural and artificial Stone
  • Highest quality diamond tools and segments for the construction industry including concrete, asphalt and hard substrate cutting and drilling.
  • Enhanced performance diamond chains for Concrete and Ductile Iron cutting.
  • State of the art grinding wheels for Hard Metal, HSS, Glass and Ceramic tools.

Toolgal products combine in-depth metallurgical knowledge, innovative engineering capabilities, wide application experience, flexible and advanced manufacturing capabilities which allow us to create a wide range of tailor made solutions for our customers around the world.

Toolgal complies with the highest industry quality standards: ISO9001, OSA & ROHS.

Toolgal Degania
Toolgal Degania

Co.Fi.Plast, Italy

World's Leader in Diamond Wires for Multiwire machines.

CO.FI.PLAST was the first society to produce the diamond wire with the plastic assembling for the granite cutting. The constant development of innovative and performant products, now allows to process even the most abrasive materials. The Brocco group has over twenty years of experience in cutting stone. The company's mission is perfectly summarized in the Group slogan: TOGETHER FOR STONE CUTTING.

CO.FI.PLAST develops and produces, since 1984, diamond wires for the extraction and cutting of the stone materials. The diamond wires CO.FI.PLAST, designated to the quarry cutting, to blocks squaring and to production of slabs are completely designed and produced by the CO.FI.PLAST. Different types meet the needs of the market, starting with the stone industry up to the construction industry.

The high cutting performances are guaranteed by the quality of the diamond beads, that maintain the cutting characteristics in time. The optimizations of the productive process of the wire allowed to improve the EFFICIENCY of the cut, while guaranteeing the speed performance and the required precision. In addition a conscious use of the wire is translated as an increasing of the duration of the wire itself, thereby reducing operation and replacement/renewal costs of the tool.

Available in either Sintered Plastic or Rubber assembly for all purposes.


G.A.M, Italy

GAM S.r.l. is a company founded by members who have acquired a multidecadal experience in the field of construction machinery and equipment for the processing and handling of marble slabs, granite, conglomerate and stone in general.

Great attention has been paid to tangential heads for grinding and polishing granite, conglomerates and porcelain granite. In addition, great attention has been devoted to the creation of innovative calibration system for all sizes of slabs, strips and tiles, which combine high accuracy of the thicknesses obtained and feed speed with unmatched operating costs, so low for both energy consumption and maintenance.

Range of Products available with us:

Tangentinal Head for Polishing machines:
Diameter 920mm and 1080mm with Tilting angle upto (+/-)12°

Granite polishing for tiles: 8 to 22 heads - 650mm to 850mm

Calibration for tiles: 1 to 4 spindles

Calibration of Slabs: 600mm to 2100mm

GAM Tangential Head


Polytech, Japan

Polytech corporation is located in Osaka of the centre of High-tech Industrial area in Japan. We are manufacturer for Special diamond tools for grinding, polishing on Granite, Marble, Terrazzo and Engineered stone.

Polytech for All stones
Polytech for Engineered stones

Gloss checker from Horiba. The best in the world.

Diamond polishing wheels for stone:
Dia Master 8
Dia Master 5
Dia Master Pro III
Dry Flash
Dry Flash 5
Octron EG
Octron D

Diamond polishing wheels 'KENMABAN'
Metal bond for Granite
Metal and Resin bond for Marble and Engineered stone
Resin bond for all types of stone

Polytech Glossmeter