Wires Engineering, Italy

Wires Engineering, Italy

Wires Engineering, since 1997 produces plants and machines for diamond wire cutting.

Machine   Max. Wires   Block Width  
Easy 11   11   587 mm  
Medium 25   25   995 mm  
Expert 35   35   995 mm  
Epica 65   65   1835 mm  

All machines can be used to cut variable thicknesses - 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and so on...

Machines are also available in one of the 2 versions:
1. Gantry - Machine moves above the blocks 2. Stationary - Block moves below the machine
Epica 65

Expert 35

Projects with either monowire or multiwire, gantry or stationary, the Wires Engineering machines fit to any cutting requirement. The new generation COMPACT Multiwires overcomes the lack of space in the factory or in the quarry. Our machines are designed with the objective to guarantee the maximum cutting EFFICIENCY, in the minimum use of space and resources and also optimizing the wire length.

The PATENTED TENSIONING SYSTEM performs and maintains the correct tension on each single wire during all cutting steps, minimizing at the same time the noise and the vibrations of the plant.

The COMPUTER AIDED MAINTENANCE reveals and records the presence of anomalies and their solution.

The ERGONOMIC DESIGN allows to obtain simple and easy solutions. In fact loading of wires and modifying the cut configuration can be done with only two operators.-

The possibility to perform simple or extraordinary maintenance without any heavy operations on the principal body, reduces the costs of executions and MINIMIZES THE MACHINE DOWNTIME.

The perfect synergy between structural configuration, cutting accuracy and the movement precision guarantees the machine cuts at the RELIABILITY necessary for effective and efficient operationall the time.

The WIRES machines are designed to ensure maximum operating FLEXIBILITY. In fact the positioning of the diamond wire in the corrispondent race to the desired measure, allows to produce at the same time slabs of different thickness (2 - 3 - 4 - 5 cm and multiples).