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Zenesis, Italy

Zenesis Solution Srl, with its own headquarter in Carrara-Italy, is a new company established in Italy and owned by EHWA Diamond Industrial Co. Ltd. The core business of this new company is the production and spreading of the complete and revolutionary system to cut granite blocks called: ZENESIS Gang Saw (ZGS).

Cutting granite blocks with a diamond blade using a traditional gang saw with pendular movement of its frame, has been always a dream of many people working in the stone industry. In the past, many attempts have been done to reach this target, all of them without acceptable results to be used as an alternative to the traditional system with steel shot technology.




ZGS gives you back more productivity compare to your traditional gang saw: +15% cutting 2 cm slabs and up to 120.000 m2 of yearly production. 38 slabs for each meter of block's width are guaranteed.

ZGS let you cut one block with 2 meters height within 24 hours.

ZGS gives a new life to your traditional gang saw with a reasonable investment.

ZGS reduces the consumption of electricity to 30% compared to Traditional gang saw and 50% compared to the diamond multi wire machine.

ZGS uses a low speed and long life machine for cutting. Less maintenance in the time compared to Diamond Multi wire machine.

ZGS produces slabs with high precision and high stability of the thickness compared to the Diamond wire technology.

ZGS cut very well granites with hard points inside thanks to the high tension of the cutting blades.

ZGS has cut more than 160 type of different granites.

ZGS can cut granite, marble, quartz, even together.

The market increasingly requires exotic materials. These materials internally have strong inhomogeneities in the hardness. Everybody know that the alternation of hard zones with soft parts undermines the diamond wire which cannot guarantee acceptable cutting quality. The ZENESIS GANG SAW System, on the other hand, solves this problem by guaranteeing an irreproachable cut quality and excellent precision of the thickness of the final slabs.

EDAB, Germany

EDAB Automation is focused on developing and providing Innovative Solutions for the Stone Industry. Our Machines are the most multifunctional, productive, reliable, and lowest cost to operate.

Our programmers create Software dedicated to the Stone Industry and update it according to the current needs of clients.

EDAB Automation UG introduces the most reliable and lowest cost Wire Cutting System to the stone industry. It allows to cut materials such as marble, granite and sandstone.

The low cost of the cuts, the profiling precision and the surface quality indisputably make Wire Saw very competitive. Combining with Diamond Wire and other relevant technologies, EDAB’s Single Wire Saws Machine can reduce the waste from the abrasive lapping/polishing and the environmental pollution. Comparing with the conventional productive processes, our Single Wire Saws Machines provide the precise work completion and high productivity.


Main benefits of EDAB wire machines

Maximum reduction in cutting costs

Less Noise

Simple operation

Installation directly on the floor

Contours can be drawn in any CAD program and imported into our software

Water pressure sensor


Water electro valve

Wire breaking control

Air pressure sensor


EDAB Automation UG introduces the most reliable and lowest cost Semi-Automatic Polishing Machine to the stone industry. It allows to polish materials such as marble, granite and sandstone during production of tombstones.

Simple and uncomplicated construction ensures long machine life. The product is sold entirely, assembled using chemical anchors, it does not require specialized installations and training.

Stone table with pneumatic clamping of the workpiece

The workpiece can be freely rotated on a turntable and clamped as needed

Workpiece thickness up to 18 cm

Working surface: max. 1.5 x 1.5 m

Manual tool change with quick-change shaft