Polishing & Resin Treatment

EDAB, Germany

EDAB Automation is focused on developing and providing Innovative Solutions for the Stone Industry. Our Machines are the most multifunctional, productive, reliable, and lowest cost to operate.

Our programmers create Software dedicated to the Stone Industry and update it according to the current needs of clients.

EDAB Automation UG introduces the most reliable and lowest cost Wire Cutting System to the stone industry. It allows to cut materials such as marble, granite and sandstone.

The low cost of the cuts, the profiling precision and the surface quality indisputably make Wire Saw very competitive. Combining with Diamond Wire and other relevant technologies, EDAB’s Single Wire Saws Machine can reduce the waste from the abrasive lapping/polishing and the environmental pollution. Comparing with the conventional productive processes, our Single Wire Saws Machines provide the precise work completion and high productivity.


Main benefits of EDAB wire machines

Maximum reduction in cutting costs

Less Noise

Simple operation

Installation directly on the floor

Contours can be drawn in any CAD program and imported into our software

Water pressure sensor


Water electro valve

Wire breaking control

Air pressure sensor


EDAB Automation UG introduces the most reliable and lowest cost Semi-Automatic Polishing Machine to the stone industry. It allows to polish materials such as marble, granite and sandstone during production of tombstones.

Simple and uncomplicated construction ensures long machine life. The product is sold entirely, assembled using chemical anchors, it does not require specialized installations and training.

Stone table with pneumatic clamping of the workpiece

The workpiece can be freely rotated on a turntable and clamped as needed

Workpiece thickness up to 18 cm

Working surface: max. 1.5 x 1.5 m

Manual tool change with quick-change shaft


G.A.M, Italy

GAM S.r.l. is a company founded by members who have acquired a multidecadal experience in the field of construction machinery and equipment for the processing and handling of marble slabs, granite, conglomerate and stone in general.

Great attention has been paid to tangential heads for grinding and polishing granite, conglomerates and porcelain granite. In addition, great attention has been devoted to the creation of innovative calibration system for all sizes of slabs, strips and tiles, which combine high accuracy of the thicknesses obtained and feed speed with unmatched operating costs, so low for both energy consumption and maintenance.

Range of Products available with us:

Tangentinal Head for Polishing machines:
Diameter 920mm and 1080mm with Tilting angle upto (+/-)12°

Granite polishing for tiles: 8 to 22 heads - 650mm to 850mm

Calibration for tiles: 1 to 4 spindles

Calibration of Slabs: 600mm to 2100mm

GAM Tangential Head