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Guillet, France

All Guillet products, guaranteed to be Made in France are devoted to trade professionals who need reliable and effective tools.
Our business is our passion. We strain every sinew, from product design to manufacture, to supply tools of irreproachable quality to our professional clients.
An ability to listen, combined with the expertise and unfailing reactivity of our specialists, are the guarantee of our success… as well as yours !

When celebrating its 365th birthday in 2008, the company demonstrated its commitment to constant improvement in its structure and production facilities. Guillet is now positioned as a technical reference by virtue of its experience, its expertise and permanent presence in the tooling market, serving the construction, manufacturing and stonemasonry sectors.

Hand Tools - Guillet
Hand Tools - Guillet

A steel or carbide tool ?

- Steel : sharp, deep teeth suitable for all materials and all working shapes. Preferable for preparation on old and degraded surfaces. Cannot be re-sharpened.

- Carbide : high resistance to wear, therefore suitable for major work on hard and abrasive materials. Can be re-sharpened. Working capacity is 15 times greater than that of steel.

Arbor Resources, New Zealand

Arbor Resources, NZ

Arbor Resources (Arbor) manufacture, process and export New Zealand radiata pine. We are 100% export focused and have been exporting radiata pine timber for over 30 years.

We have built successful long term relationships with our export customers and regularly supply radiata pine timber products throughout Asia, the USA and beyond.

Specialists in sawn timber and timber products, we invest heavily into our own timber manufacturing and processing facilities. This means we supply our export clients from reliable and secure resources.

We also have strong financial and marketing networks with other independent sawmillers and processors to support international market demands. This combined network of sawmills has a production capacity in excess of 20,000 m3 per month. Our sawmills produce all grades and sizes in specifications as required by customer demand. Basic size range is T 25, 32, 38, 50, 75, 100 & 150mm, W 75-200mm, L 1.8-6.0m random.

Kiln dried timber

We choose not to treat our packaging timber with toxic chemicals but use a heat sterilisation method (with ISPM 15 compliance) thereby ensuring our packaging products are food safe for use in shipping pallets with food or other sensitive products.

Our new kiln schedules are also MAF approved to produce ISPM 15 compliant industrial timbers and components parts for bins and pallets. We offer a weekly shipping service to all our customers of precision cut, cut to length and fine sawn timber components ready for assembly.

Helping to deliver an entire solution for all your timber needs

By becoming a part of your supply chain we can help you save costs and increase efficiency.

As well as manufacturing, processing and exporting New Zealand radiata pine timber, we aim to build solid and reliable long term supply relationships with our export customers worldwide.

Services include project management for timber packaging plants, planning and advice, design services and engineering drawings where required.

Arbor Resources, NZ

Huada, China

Huada Superabrasive Tool Technology Co.,Ltd.,owns excellent R&D team and Production Managing team,specialising in diamond tools and stone quarry equipment industry.

Huada specializes in producing all assorted of Quarrying Machines, including various of Wire Saw Machine, series of Multifunctional Drilling Machine especially Multifunctional Rock Driller Machine,Horizontal Core-boring Machine and etc.

Take Wire Saw Machine as an example, with a huge sum of investment and strict quality inspection, after tested in the quarries again and again, our Wire Saw Machine has realized quarry automatically (included adjusting linear speed and controlling track automatically), which has been exported to Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Iran etc.



Our company also manufacture all kinds of diamond tools, which are including diamond blades, segments, especially gangsaw and multi-blade segments, grinding blocks, cup wheel, diamond wire saw for quarry and workshop, etc. We offer the excellent Diamond Wire Saw to all over the world.

Performance Tools
Diamond Saw Blade and Segments
Diamond Wires - 7.3mm, 8.3mm for multiwire machines
Diamond Wires - 8.3mm and above for all other machines and quarry
Metal Bond for polishing - Fickert and Frankfurt types
Resin Bond for polishing - Fickert and Frankfurt types
Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels
Single Wire machines
Quarry Machines



Abu Jardar, Spain

Abu Jardar Textures

The company Abu Jardar, S.L. was founded in 1986 in Castellón, thanks to the large experience of Manager Director Julián Cortés with over 25 years in the market.

We are specialized in the manufacture of tools for bushhammering marbles, limestones, granites, sandstones and prefabricated besides making tools for the construction market.

The high quality of our products is the reason why our trademark is a world leader in the stone market. Our national consolidation has allowed the beginning of our international expansion, exporting at present to more than 30 countries all over the world.

Tools are available for the following textures:

  • Bush hammering
  • Punching
  • Sand blasting
  • Liner / Scratching
  • Ageing & Leather effect
  • Shot blasting

Our aims are high quality and good service. We will be pleased to help you.

Abu Jardar Tools

Toolgal, Israel

Toolgal Degania

For more than 50 years, Toolgal has been the global leader in manufacturing high-performance Diamond Tools. Our vertically integrated manufacturing operations, combined with our advanced design capabilities, yield innovative products of consistently high quality.

Toolgal’s products serve a variety of cutting, sawing, drilling and polishing applications for concrete, asphalt, granite and other natural or engineered stone, including quartzite. Our diamond and CBN grinding wheels are used by leading cutting tool manufacturers worldwide, and are ideal for applications in the metalworking and wood industries.

Toolgal’s Quality System assures consistent quality levels for all products and processes using strong controls and reducing dependence on human, equipment and materials variance factors.

Since 1968, Toolgal has been a market leader developing innovative and tailor made diamond tools for Industrial applications providing:

  • High performance cutting, drilling & polishing Diamond Tools and Segments for natural and artificial Stone
  • Highest quality diamond tools and segments for the construction industry including concrete, asphalt and hard substrate cutting and drilling.
  • Enhanced performance diamond chains for Concrete and Ductile Iron cutting.
  • State of the art grinding wheels for Hard Metal, HSS, Glass and Ceramic tools.

Toolgal products combine in-depth metallurgical knowledge, innovative engineering capabilities, wide application experience, flexible and advanced manufacturing capabilities which allow us to create a wide range of tailor made solutions for our customers around the world.

Toolgal complies with the highest industry quality standards: ISO9001, OSA & ROHS.

Toolgal Degania
Toolgal Degania

Polytech, Japan

Polytech corporation is located in Osaka of the centre of High-tech Industrial area in Japan. We are manufacturer for Special diamond tools for grinding, polishing on Granite, Marble, Terrazzo and Engineered stone.

Polytech for All stones
Polytech for Engineered stones

Gloss checker from Horiba. The best in the world.

Diamond polishing wheels for stone:
Dia Master 8
Dia Master 5
Dia Master Pro III
Dry Flash
Dry Flash 5
Octron EG
Octron D

Diamond polishing wheels 'KENMABAN'
Metal bond for Granite
Metal and Resin bond for Marble and Engineered stone
Resin bond for all types of stone

Polytech Glossmeter