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Thibaut, France

Thibaut T818  T-designs

Tools and Machinery for all types of Natural and Aglomerate materials. The stone market is in constant evolution, Thibaut appears in many respects as a reliable manufacturer with long experience and specialization in polishing, cutting and milling machines. Since 1959, THIBAUT designs, manufactures and sells machines for machining all types of natural or agglomerated materials (granite, marble, limestone, concrete, glass, engineered stone, slate, ceramic, petrified wood...).

A Complete range of Machines from MANUAL to CNC

With its experience and its knowledge, Thibaut has continued to improve its production methods and management by following the evolution of technology with a constant goal : satisfying its customers' needs.

Range of machines available

T818 - 3 or 4 axes
   Double Table CNC machining center for high productivity.

   Flat polisher to process any type of shape with or without auto tool changer for high productivity.

TC750 - 5 axes
   CNC sawing center with 5 axes that cuts in all directions automatically without moving the slabs, same productivity as 3 conventional bridge saws.

   Edge polisher from 4 to 45 cm with automatic tool changer.

   Horizontal wire saw to cut thick slabs, ultra thin slabs (10mm) and recover more from end wastes.

   Secondary sawing machine for shapes.

   All in One Manual machine that can create a complete kitchen sink.

   Multipurpose robot able to replicate models on stone material.

Thibaut TSH

Thibaut T108

G.A.M, Italy

GAM S.r.l. is a company founded by members who have acquired a multidecadal experience in the field of construction machinery and equipment for the processing and handling of marble slabs, granite, conglomerate and stone in general.

Great attention has been paid to tangential heads for grinding and polishing granite, conglomerates and porcelain granite. In addition, great attention has been devoted to the creation of innovative calibration system for all sizes of slabs, strips and tiles, which combine high accuracy of the thicknesses obtained and feed speed with unmatched operating costs, so low for both energy consumption and maintenance.

Range of Products available with us:

Tangentinal Head for Polishing machines:
Diameter 920mm and 1080mm with Tilting angle upto (+/-)12°

Granite polishing for tiles: 8 to 22 heads - 650mm to 850mm

Calibration for tiles: 1 to 4 spindles

Calibration of Slabs: 600mm to 2100mm

GAM Tangential Head

Matec, Italy

Matec Plant

MATEC specializes in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants. We work for many different industries, the most important are: mining, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, ceramics and glass. Our mission is the customer’s satisfaction. That is why we offer timely after-sale service, as well as before-sale advice to understand the real requirements of our potential customers.

MATEC new plants are based in Massa, in the very heart of a wide industrial zone, also known as Apuana. We have installed over 250 purification plants all across the world in the last two years: this is the real guarantee of our production and service quality. We develop ourselves all-inclusive purification and filtration plants. All the machines are built in our plants. Thus we can offer top-quality products ‘Made in Italy’, which will fulfill the most demanding applications and markets.

Matec offers the Kompact plant which guarantees the quality of big plants to serve small-size companies. It is designed for users who have water flows which range from 200 to 700 l/min, and whose limited storage space demands very compact sludge. Everything is integrated into the plant framework and the clear water tank and the silo decanter are combined.

Few of the components of the recycling plant are:

  • Waste Water Pump
  • Flocculant Station
  • Decantation Unit (Silo)
  • Automatic Mud Discharge
  • Homogenizing Tank
  • Filterpress Feeding Pump
  • Filterpress (Mud Dehydration)