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OSM, Portugal

Founded in 1988, OSM is a specialised company which manufacturers parts for pneumatic and hydraulic hammers.
Applying the most recent technology in precision equipment and high productivity we manufacture parts for all makes of pneumatic and hydraulic hammers, whether they are rock drills, breakers and pick-wedging hammers.
Throughout the years, the company has managed to give prompt assistance to the clients and provides a high quality after sales service. This has contributed to our being recognized for our high quality products, for our flexibility in adapting to our clients requirements and promotes on a day by day basis, the great difference that exists between OSM and its competitors.

Available Tools:
Spyder Bench - 3 x MP90 drills
Prime Bench - 2 x MP90 drills
Rock Splitter - MC8, MC15 and more

OSM Spyder
OSM Prime

Technical Specification of MP90 drills:
Weight: 35kg
Air Connection: 1”
Water Connection: 1/2’
Tool Chuck Size: 22 x 108
Piston Diameter: 90 mm
Impact Frequency P/min: 2000
Air Compression at 6 bar: 4.2 m3 p/m (147 cfm)
Speed of drilling: Per hammer 2.5 ft/min

The hammer is as fast as a hydraulic machine. Prime bench with 2 hammers each can drill 2.5ft/min. At a very economical investment, the speed of drilling is actually faster than that of a hydraulic driller.

OSM Hammers

Co.Fi.Plast, Italy

World's Leader in Diamond Wires for Multiwire machines.

CO.FI.PLAST was the first society to produce the diamond wire with the plastic assembling for the granite cutting. The constant development of innovative and performant products, now allows to process even the most abrasive materials. The Brocco group has over twenty years of experience in cutting stone. The company's mission is perfectly summarized in the Group slogan: TOGETHER FOR STONE CUTTING.

CO.FI.PLAST develops and produces, since 1984, diamond wires for the extraction and cutting of the stone materials. The diamond wires CO.FI.PLAST, designated to the quarry cutting, to blocks squaring and to production of slabs are completely designed and produced by the CO.FI.PLAST. Different types meet the needs of the market, starting with the stone industry up to the construction industry.

The high cutting performances are guaranteed by the quality of the diamond beads, that maintain the cutting characteristics in time. The optimizations of the productive process of the wire allowed to improve the EFFICIENCY of the cut, while guaranteeing the speed performance and the required precision. In addition a conscious use of the wire is translated as an increasing of the duration of the wire itself, thereby reducing operation and replacement/renewal costs of the tool.

Available in either Sintered Plastic or Rubber assembly for all purposes.


Fraccaroli & Balzan, Italy

F&B Plant

Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. is proud to propose its technology in the sector of stone processing, ceramics, engineered stone, aggregates, mining, concrete, recycling, tunneling, steel processing, biological and industrial processing (chemical/rubber/glass/petrochemical/steel), manufacturing innovative concept waste water and slurry treatment plants.

All mechanic and electric components of the filterpresses and decantation plants are designed in accordance with European Norms (CE) and American Norms (UL/CSA), in full compliance of the relevant certifications.

Customers who rely on the goods and services of our Company have the assurance of purchasing a product 'Made in Italy' strictly manufactured in Italy: this guarantees the absolute originality of technological productions.

Fraccaroli & Balzan S.p.A. proposes waste water plants and slurry dehydration plants with a portable solution, the so called MOBILE plants. This type of plants, easy to assemble and to transport, originated from the specific demand of customers, who need to move their yard very often.

Few of the components of the recycling plant are:

  • Waste Water Pump
  • Flocculant Station
  • Decantation Unit (Silo)
  • Automatic Mud Discharge
  • Homogenizing Tank
  • Filterpress Feeding Pump
  • Filterpress (Mud Dehydration)

F&B Compact

Kwezi, Italy


KWEZI srl, a leading manufacturer of quarrying and processing machines for granite, marble and stones, is located in the World’s oldest source of Dimensional Stone extraction, Carrara, Italy.

The philosophy of KWEZI srl is to satisfy all the needs of the “Universe of Stone”. Whether the request is from a small company with a single specific need, or from a large corporation requiring a complete system, like in South Africa, Spain and Brazil, KWEZI srl always offers its Clients the ideal solution to problems encountered in natural stone quarrying and processing, by combining technological know-how and innovative techniques with years of “in the field” experience.

From a single machine, to a “Turnkey” processing line, KWEZI srl can solve any production need of the Stone Industry with the latest technological advances, but not only.

KWEZI srl also provides consultation services to advice on the potential of a quarry, geological prospecting, detailed analysis of the deposit and the type of equipment required for the most efficient method of extraction.

The services that KWEZI srl provides to his Customers are not completed with the sale, but accompany and follow the goods supply, KWEZI srl in fact is able to offer to Customer’s staff the necessary theoretical and practical training regarding the purchased machines. Upon request the training can be carried out at Customer’s factory by skilled technicians who are able to assist the Customer during machines starting phase, in order to transfer the precious know-how which is indispensable to use them properly.

The philosophy of KWEZI srl is to supply high quality machines, constantly improving their features and reliability, but even the best machines need technical assistance and for that reason KWEZI srl has organized a prompt and efficient after-sale assistance service which allows to satisfy the requests of the Customers all over the world.

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